The world's first block chain patent Sharing Alliance was officially announced in Silicon Valley

2017-11-03 21:02

The world's first block chain patent Sharing Alliance was officially announced in Silicon Valley

U.S. local time at three pm on October 27th, the world's first block chain alliance Blockchain Patent Sharing Alliance patent sharing (hereinafter referred to as "BPSA") officially announced in the United States of San Francisco Silicon Valley Bootup accelerator was established. More than 40 delegates from in the United States, Canada, South Korea and other countries the blockchain top scientists and national patent and intellectual property field to witness the birth of alliance. The United Nations World Peace ambassador Koko Liu, chairman of CPC Bril Wang Ms. Standford Mr. Mr. Zhu Gaofeng, former general manager of China UnionPay geway Institute to the conference and delivered a speech.

Standford CPC chairman Bril Wang Mr.

What is the BPSA?

BPSA is the abbreviation of Blockchain Patent Sharing Allliance, the global block chain patent sharing alliance. The Alliance launched by Chinese and overseas well-known block chain company, and get the global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) founding member of the professional guidance. The Council of the League under the Law Committee, the technical committee, patent operations committee. The establishment of the BPSA, which is based on the block chain technology to establish a global intellectual property sharing platform to provide comprehensive services in various industries to achieve global patent, intellectual property rights to promote mutual sharing, technical exchanges and sharing of various industries. The focus of the field of construction of BPSA intellectual property sharing platform, can realize the intellectual property licensing transactions, R & D Crowdsourcing, authorized maintenance, rights litigation and other services. At the same time, but also to build a system of value evaluation of intellectual property, provide the basis for the valuation of intellectual property transactions, to become a digital currency as a medium of exchange for global digital asset trading platform, the high value of digital assets can be realized.

The BPSA team is also very strong, by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, former chairman of Dr. James E. Newsome (James Newsom) served as honorary chairman, former chairman of the BPSA alliance NASDAQ JohnF. Wallace (Newnham Wallace), and American Academy of engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences foreign academician Mr. Tso-PingMa jointly served as honorary adviser.

BPSA director general Grant G Mr. Tao also enjoyed a high status and influence in North America and Asia, the legal profession, he is a famous Canadian senior lawyer, Wuhan love Rong technology founder, worked in the world, Reuters CA computer company, Motorola, NOKIA SIEMENS and other well-known multinational companies as executives. Join these senior experts and scholars, but also to promote global patent sharing, protection of corporate patent legal rights, promotion and application of patent technology.

At the meeting, chairman of the Grant G Tao BPSA Mr. Nebulas, Mr. Xu and founder of Hitters is a cloud chief technology officer John Ding Mr. BPSA block chain patent Sharing Alliance keynote speech for the guests.

BPSA director general Grant G Mr. Tao made a brief introduction of the BPSA to build the IP network: IP net name is "blockchain global intellectual property service platform based on the development and operation, led by the BPSA foundation. The platform can be seen as a chain block chain based on public technology, through the integration of the block chain, big data, artificial intelligence, credit risk management and FINTEC technology, and global intellectual property operation channel and intellectual property firm closely to global intellectual property especially the one-stop service of patent operations to provide low cost seamless and efficient."

BPSA chairman Grant G Tao Mr.

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu said: Nebulas system focus on the search engine ranking and block chain analysis and link relation (Ranking), is very suitable for the application block chain technology in the field of patents, the Nebulas community will fully support the development of BPSA, the block chain in the patent field will likely become the killer app (Killer Application).

Nebulas founder Hitters Xu Mr.

Is a cloud (430070) chief technology officer John Ding pointed out that today's programmers are no longer scarce resources, programmers and their program has become used to quantify the pricing of outsourcing solutions. So, the management of the Future Ltd not available this way to solve the problem? So, we imagine the next fifty years, one hundred years in the world, then the blockchain highly developed commercial activities, fair and transparent, with the development of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing technology, the company will no longer be the future form of organization, more and more work will be able to give AI automatically, and can be artificially marketing through intelligent data automatically, the management and operation of the company has become more and more can outsourcing. Therefore, creativity and innovation will become increasingly important, at the same time, how to protect the rights and interests of innovation has become very important.

Is a cloud chief technology officer John Ding Mr.

The roundtable discussion session, from the largest U.S. patent operating company of science and technology IP Portal founder Dr. Guo Yuan, co-founder of Xing Ju technology, Dr. Dingming earth capital Chairman Mr. Gao Dongliang and Google scientists, Silicon Valley Bay micro block chain lab founder Zheng Jianxian Facebook QOINE, born scientist and founder Mr. Liu Xiaohui and other six experts and scholars of the block chain technology in patent and intellectual property protection applications conducted in-depth exchanges. The United Nations long television coverage and depth interview for this meeting.

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